Product Roadmap

The current product roadmap is outlined below. Frequently changed.

Item Description Status


Calculated Values - Strength You'll be able to enter in weights as a % of your 1 Rep Max and have the weight be calculated for you. Not Started
Mobile App The launch of native Android and iOS apps that sync to your account. Currently at a late-alpha stage of development; only UI and performance improvements are outstanding. I've decided to defer the launch of the mobile app until I'm reasonably confident that my customers can capture all the data they want in the app. On Hold
Premium Tier Starts with your standard ad-free option, and other features will be added to the premium tier. You'll always be able to plan and record all your workout data on the free plan. Not Started

Coming Up

Muscle Groups for Exercises You can indicate which muscle groups each exercise targets. Further down the road, this will let you determine when you're ignoring a particular muscle group. Not Started
Workout Templates Premium feature. Create and store workout templates that you can re-use and share. Not Started
Richer Exercise Instructions Premium feature. You'll be able to add pictures and links to the workouts you create. Not Started
Trainer Access Premium feature. Other users will be able to grant you access to their account so you can view, plan, and complete their workouts. Not Started

Down the Road

Statistics You'll be able to aggregate your exercises if you're into the numbers side of things. How much did you bench last month? How many miles did you run? How often did you stretch? Not Started
Performance Prediction We'll recommend exercise length/intensity based on your past performance. Not Started
Workout Programs & Progression More than just a collection of workouts, I'm looking to enable progression regimes where it'll move up 5 lbs. every time you pass a lift, or going down some amount if you fail it. Not Started
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